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QuickBooks Edition - Issue 9.15

December 7, 2010

QuickBooks Professionals: Earning What You Are Worth! Registrations continue to come in for our December 16th event co-sponsored by XpandedReports and AuditMyBooks. QuickBooks is a great cornerstone for building a business for many ProAdvisors, Bookkeepers and Accountants. However, there is also a lot of competition since everyone thinks they know QuickBooks. Join us for an interactive 1 hour session to learn a variety of ways to differentiate you from the other service providers. Armed with this information, you can increase your perceived value (which translates directly to the rates you can charge) and increase your confidence as you work with a variety of QuickBooks clients.

We did, however, receive a few calls and emails that there was a problem when you tried to register for the session. We want to make sure you don't miss out (especially since we are giving away a ProAdvisor Membership for a full year, including payroll AND it qualifies for 1 hour of CPE) so if you had any trouble, just reply to this email with your full contact information and we will make sure you get registered.

For all the details or if you did not register yet, just go to http://www.4luvofbiz.com/product.php?productid=534

I look forward to "seeing" you there,

In this issue:

  • QuickBooks Tips & Tricks: QuickBooks for Mac for Windows Professionals
  • QuickBooks Add-ons: ViewMyPaycheck
  • Our QuickBooks 2011 Contest - Enter To Win!
  • Intuit Takes Mint.com to Canada
  • About Us
  • Quick Links

Tips and Tricks

QuickBooks Tips & Tricks: QuickBooks for Mac for Windows Professionals

Q - Hello, I think Bonnie mentioned, at a presentation, that she uses a Mac external hard drive connected to her PC laptop to work with Mac based clients. Seems easy enough. Any update on glitches or different recommendations for this interface? I've worked in Mac for years on-site and am moving to off-site work. Submitted by S. Ikusa

A - Now that QuickBooks Pro 2011 for the Mac is available for multi-user environments, I believe we will see an increase in the number of clients who are using that product. With that shift, we will need to make sure we are in a position to support that QuickBooks product, like we do the others.

In reference to your specific question, I am not sure about a Mac external hard drive but there are two things I have done effectively:

1. For the remote work I do with clients, almost all the remote access tools now work with the Mac. I personally do mostly consulting so gotomeeting supports the Mac client connecting to the session and we can use the "switch presenter" feature so I can see their screen.
2. The other thing I have done is purchase a Mac Mini, which is a small CPU box with the Mac operating system, then I have connected it to my monitor, keyboard, and mouse that I had used with a previous Windows CPU. The advantage of this is I have QuickBooks for Mac installed and use a specific email address for that machine so I can work on the Mac client files in their native environment.

There is the ability to have the Mac client create a back up that is specifically designed to be restored with QuickBooks for Windows. It will require the same version (i.e. the same year) to transfer back and forth, and there are some limitations on what will convert and transfer back and forth, but this is another alternative. This process works well when using the file for tax purposes, for example. However, since I am usually working on specific transactions, I prefer one of the two methods described above.

QuickBooks Add-ons: ViewMyPaycheck

I have long been a fan of Assisted Payroll (including using it for our own business) and Enhanced Payroll. We also use ViewMyPaycheck and love that too both for the functionality, and because it is FREE. Once the payroll is processed through QuickBooks, simply securely upload the information for online access. If you are not familiar with this product, here is a quick list of benefits:
* Employees get easy and protected access to their paychecks, anytime they choose.
* No more mailing, no more reprinting lost paystubs.
* Employees can view their paystubs as soon as you pay them! After each payday, your employees log into a secure site to view or print their paycheck information.
* And as an added benefit, your employees can view and print their W-2s!
ViewMyPaycheck works with all versions of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll 2009 and higher. To access this free service, all you need is a current payroll subscription and a browser.

Want to learn more? Come to our session on December 16 where we answer your questions.

Sign Up Today: http://workplace.intuit.com/appcenter/moreInfo.aspx?AppID=3113

Our QuickBooks 2011 Contest - Enter to Win!

We are very excited to have been chosen along with Laura Madeira, Ruth Perryman, and Michelle Long to give away more than $31,000 in software and memberships. We still have many exciting prizes that you can win by posting a review, attending a webinar, or just by simply being a subscriber.

For all the details: http://4luvofbiz.com/custom/quickbooks-2011.php

Intuit Takes Mint.com to Canada

We love the work we do with Advisors and clients around the world. When we learn of information that would be interest to our subscribers we are happy to pass it along. This is one of those situations: Just 13 months after being acquired by Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU), the popular online personal finance service is being introduced in Canada to help people save and do more with their money. According to Aaron Patzer, vice president and general manager of Intuit Personal Finance and founder of Mint.com, "Our Canadian launch is just the beginning of Mint.com's global expansion."

For the press release, visit: http://about.intuit.com/about_intuit/press_room/press_release/articles/2010/IntuitTakesMintToCanada.html

About Us

McWilliams and Associates can help you keep pace with all your QuickBooks clients. Through many self-service options on our website www.accountingsoftwaresecrets.com, group settings like seminars and webinars, or one-on-one services, we help you quickly and painlessly navigate through the obstacle course of QuickBooks and related add-ons. Our clients are primarily from all over the United States with 95% of our work being done remotely with other Accountants and Pro Advisors, or with their clients if they prefer. We do not do any income tax work or financial statements so there is never a conflict of interest. Most of our QuickBooks consulting clients need 2-6 hours with us to deal with a specific issue, transition, or just for those occasional questions that come up.

In addition to QuickBooks we love working with integrated applications: Some specific examples include XpandedReports, Fishbowl Inventory, and Legrand CRM. We have experience with all these products and would love to partner with you as you help your client address needs that are beyond the scope of QuickBooks alone.

If you want more information on how we might best work together, call 800-787-8744. We would love to talk with you about your needs and any special deals we have for Bookkeepers, Accountants, and ProAdvisors.

Quick Links

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XpandedReports for QuickBooks - Use affiliate code of "4luvofbiz" for an additional 1 month extension on the 1 month trial for the desktop (XR 4.3) product.

Virtual Time + Expense - I have been able to negotiate the same deal as I am getting for you: FREE! Free
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AuditMyBooks - Interested in learning more about detecting errors and fraud in small business accounting systems? Visit my affiliate site to download the white paper titled “Protecting Your Business from Accounting Errors & Fraud”.

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