Tele-Class Sponsorship

Tele-Class Sponsorship


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Sponsoring a tele-class is a great way to provide exposure to a target audience. As the detail of the course is reviewed, the sponsor name and contact information is included. That contact information and brief marketing message is also included in the confirmations and follow up correspondence for the tele-class.

There are three choices:

Sponsor an Existing Tele-Class - sponsor a tele-class that we have already developed.

Sponsor a Custom Private Tele-Class - This sponsorship product is unique because the tele-seminar will be presented privately through you. After choosing the type of course you would like to offer, we will let you know the availability. While we are working on customizing the presentation, you invite those individuals you would like attend. The cost to them is within your control, you can offer the course at no charge to your staff or clients, or charge a fee if you prefer. We will provide the basic outline for each participant, bridge line and access codes, and instructor.

Sponsor a Public Tele-Class - This offering is a great way to get your message heard by those who are most interested. We will offers the tele-class to the visitors to our web site and subscribers to our newsletter. We take care of all the work: Accept sign ups, send confirmations, provide the basic outline for each participant, bridge line and access codes. You may present or we can co-present with you. You reap the benefits.