Tech Support via E-mail

Tech Support via E-mail


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This product is for one e-mail support incident. The process is to check out with this product, then e-mail the question to with the confirmation number and issue in the subject line. The details of the question/issue should be in the body of the e-mail. Every effort will be made to respond within 24 hours.

What is technical support versus consulting? Here are our guidelines:

How to – How to do it (technical support) versus what to do (consulting)

Alternatives – Support typically means help with a current situation, where as consulting involves discussing the alternatives.

Implementation – Implementing an alternative other than the current system is typically consulting.

Basic use of the software is support versus custom solutions and work around procedures that would be consulting.

Remote Access - It will help us to help you by being able to see where you are, but again, this is support (i.e. helping with an issue). If we “take control” it is consulting.

Time Frame – No support call shall exceed one hour. If more than one hour is needed, it is typically consulting.

Number of calls/e-mails – one call is typically support where as more than one call is typically consulting. Every effort will be made to completely resolve the issue during the support call.

Each question/topic is an incident for tech support purposes even if handled on the same call or via the same e-mail.

Discounted pricing is available when purchasing multiple incidents.