Interface with Client Accountant

Interface with Client Accountant


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Initial Call – This is a call to introduce the services we are going to provide to the client and offer some comfort that we do not do the tax or financial statement work that they are doing. Then, talk with the accountant to see if there are any issues they are aware of that need to be addressed in the QuickBooks data file. If necessary, we will also request the beginning balance and/or supporting balances needed to complete the analysis.

Incident – Typically these are client requests to talk directly to the accountant to obtain clarification on the way an issue should be handled based on that accountant’s tax philosophy.

E-mail follow up - as we work with the client, the Accountant will receive a brief e-mail to keep them in the loop of what is happening with the client's QuickBooks file.

This is a flat fee per client per year.