Nuts & Bolts-Business Edition

Nuts & Bolts-Business Edition


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Imagine sitting down over a cup of coffee and having a frank discussion about business with one of America's leading experts on the subject. With Nuts & Bolts: Business Edition you can, in fact, you can have that conversation with 14 experts as you soak up the information, inspiration and insights from these dynamic professionals. Don't miss a page of this content-rich book.

What are the "nuts and bolts" that are the essential ingredients in building a successful business? How have successful business people built their business and what does their "toolbox" look like? Are there some vital tools you need to make your business thrive and grow?

Good questions. And inside this book are some excellent answers. The interviews in this anthology will provide you with some tools that you can take away and use to help you be as successful and productive as these authors are.

This perfect bound book is over 200 pages and answers the following questions:

* What are some of the "nuts and bolts" you use in business on a regular basis?

* What is it that separates the highest performers from everyone else if it's not simply intelligence or talent?

* Are mission statements and values statements really important for a business to establish?

* How do leaders get enthusiastic buy-in from staff to implement goals and align with company goals?

* How can you build rapport when the individuals involved don't agree with one another? (It really is possible! Find out how.)

* What are the four primary ways to grow a business?

* One of the authors in this book did research and interviews with over 100 crisis survivors and discovered that they used five qualities that positively transformed their lives. Find out what those qualities are in this book and how they relate to building a successful business.

Don't miss one chapter of this valuable book. You will find it to be an indispensible tool for growth and improvement in your business. Don't wait: start reading this book now for a more productive and successful business life. You'll really be glad you did!