Managing Your Business to Greater Heights Book

Managing Your Business to Greater Heights Book


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Entering the financial information into the computerized accounting package is the first step. Entering the information accurately and timely will permit you to satisfy certain reporting requirements; however, accounting information is a much more powerful tool when used to improve your business. Many small businesses continue to put information in because their accountant told them that is what they need to do to keep their fees low, but using the software to improve profitability, increase cash flow and manage growth is the next step in learning how to manage your business to new levels.

The goal here is to assist you in understanding the many “beasts” that must be “controlled” and by the end they are all working in perfect harmony. Specific QuickBooks examples will be provided as a tool. The skills learned here will be transferable to most any small business accounting software. With a little time and commitment up front, a business is created which provides more enjoyment and fewer headaches.

This perfect bound book is over 100 pages and includes such topics as:

* Choosing an Accounting Software

* Overview of Typical Financial Reports

* The Bookeeper

* Internal Control Considerations

* Accounting Considerations

* Profitability and Financial Health

* Managing Cash Flow

* Managing Your Business to Greater Heights