What’s on Your QuickBooks Wish List?

Did you ever think, if I was in charge of QuickBooks, this is the first thing I would change? While we don’t have that power, this is a forum for you to share what your most important (or maybe your top 10 list?) feature enhancement or bug fix. We have a long list of our own. Below are a few, in no particular order. Feel the same? Leave a comment, you never know who may read it and actually have the power to make the change.

The ability to link a credit from one job to a different job for the same customer.

The ability to link a Sales Order or Estimate to an Invoice like you can with a Check or Bill and Purchase Order. This system has been successfully implemented by a team from New Real Review. This helps them get high-quality reviews on car navigation, phones, tablets, etc. This is a real trend of the 21st century.

The ability to automatically allocate freight costs for an inventory purchase based on a preference such as a weighted average based on cost, or based on quantity, etc.

Updated September 22, 2012: As an added incentive for you to share your favorite QuickBooks wish list items, we are going to give away a license of QuickBooks software. Of the postings here, we randomly will choose one lucky winner on November 15, 2012.

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36 Comments to What’s on Your QuickBooks Wish List?
    • Kerri
    • I would love to see an integration of adding a customized contract and the ability to add terms and conditions to all estimates, sales orders and invoices. Maybe based on templates used. Contracts could be a component of the Quickbooks letters that allow for more customization of the data that is brought in from a quote or invoice. So, you could customize the text box length, width, etc as well as select which portions of the estimate or invoice you would like to dump in. Maybe just the description and the qty and the unit price, or maybe the part number and total.


    • Pam Hathaway
    • It would be nice to be able to customize the inventory valuation report (within QuickBooks) to list only those inventory items with a quantity greater than 0 so that you have a report with only those items on hand.

    • Gabrielle Fontaine
    • I would love to have an easy way to import PayPal transactions into QuickBooks! The method offered by PayPal in terribly inadequate, and the best alternative I’ve found (so far) is Transaction Pro Importer.

      It would be so much better if QuickBooks had this functionality already built in – most likely that would make sense for QBO but I’d be very happy if it was also included in the desktop version.

      Thanks for asking! :-)

      • Cynthia Huber
      • I agree wtih Gabrielle. I would like to see better intetration with PayPal and QuickBooks. I use a 3rd party vendor (SimplePort) and while it works, it causes many more added steps. Direct connect to PayPal like Amex or the bank would be a big boost to all those clients that are using PayPal as there “standard” funding source.

    • Sandy
    • I would like to see QuickBooks communicate known issues with their registered users. So many times, I have had to look up issues that my clients run across only to find multiple answers or fixes, sometimes conflicting, made by users or inexperienced people. I would also like to see them more responsive. The Intuit Community posts are great though!

      • Cynthia Huber
      • I would add that communication needs to be better within Intuit itself as well as registered users. I called the ProAdvisor line with a question recently, and the CSR was stumped. She could find no information in her knowledge base – she tried several sources – and finally had to call several other CSRs until she was able to find the answer. She was glad that I raised this question since she could now put it in a system to have answer for other CSRs to give to other callers.

        I appreciate that Intuit is huge, and like most companies, there are communication gaps. However, with the mass number of users, I believe there could be a better system. With so many places to find information, it is almost too much. Centralization has value.

    • Linda Pitts
    • One suggestion that I have gotten from clients is that they would like to be able to reposition time or expenses when pulling them into an invoice that has been created through a sales order. The time and expense are automatically placed at the bottom of the invoice. It would be great if you could just position the the cursor on the line where you want the time/expense inserted.

    • Christine Manor
    • I would like to see a couple of things changed in the budgeting feature. The Profit & Loss Budget Performance report is great, except that my clients would like to see another column for the amount of budget remaining. The annual budget is already there. The new column would be the difference between the annual amount and the YTD amount.

      A source of annoyance for my users happens when there is actual activity in an account/class/customer that is not budgeted. When the budget amount is blank, so is the difference column. However, the difference column totals as though an amount was present. It makes for a report that is accurate in the total, but doesn’t foot. the only way to find and fix these blank spots is to eyeball the report (not very reliable)then enter zeros through Set Up Budgets.

      • bonnie
      • Christine – Thanks for the post. I agree that the remaining budget would be a great addition to the default performance report in QuickBooks.

        For the frustration with the accounts where there is not a budgeted amount, which then creates a blank in the difference column, the only way I have worked around this is to use XpandedReports. They have the option to work as you have described for budgets that have been entered by account and budgets that have been entered by class. Budgets by customer:job are not supported at this time. In addition, there is alot of flexibility on having the columns include both the time period and the class, with the class as the rows the columns can show income, expenses, etc rather than just one net amount, etc. The subscription pricing starts at $19.95/month for a single company file for one user. For more information you can visit http://xpandedreports.com/index.php/

    • Anita
    • When opening a second company I would like to be able to track time. Error message: you cannot run payroll in a secondary QB file” I don’t run payroll at all, I just want to track time spent working on clients’ files. How can I possibly upgrade clients to the latest version of QB when I can’t track time in my own file for billing purposes. Using the external QBPro timer is very cumbersome, just to set up.

    • Karianne
    • I would love the expensive upgrades to go away and make it so I can integrate my merchant account that I have through merchantinc.com without having to rip out my hair in the process. Easier to reach customer support and an easier way to transfer outstanding balances to new invoices.

    • Keith Gormezano
    • Two features I would like to see (I am not writing this for extra entries) is the ability to choose which customers would get billed for time and/or expenses/items. This would be useful for people who hire out their services on a time and materials basis or flat rate. You could put that next to the sales tax code section on the second tab of the customer record.

      The other is when you file a product suggestion, complaint, or bug, you get a copy sent to the e-mail address in the company information section. I think it would encourage more contributions if one could see what one has contributed before.

    • Paula
    • I would love to see an addition to the filters available in reports and in the search. Filters should include and “All Except” feature so that users have the ability to filter any report and any search for all except those that are selected.

      All items except: Paint
      All accounts except: Utilities, Auto Expense, Job Materials
      All customers except: Bob Smith, Jan Brown

      If I want a search or a report to include all cusomter/jobs except three, then I would like to be able to go in and choose to include “All Except, Cust/job 1, Cust/job 2, Cust/job 3.” This is sometimes much simpler than having to check all of the customer/jobs manually. Another example would be in the memo field. I would like to have the option to search all except “….” a particular phrase in the memo. This feature would be benificial in all search/filter options and in the reports/filters feature.

    • Anita
    • In QuickBooks 2013 the x to close screens is too small, instead of hitting the x to close the window you end up clicking the x to close QB. Also the slider bars on the side are much too small.The icons are too small. Looks like everything got smaller except the row size and font, which were a perfect size previously.
      The black and white is not very good to see for older people and most ProAdvisors would agree. Perhaps QBA could have a different color scheme?

    • Robert Adjemian
    • I’ve worked with QuickBooks since the DOS days. Somehow since 2007, I can’t help but feel the emphasis of Intuit is improving their cash flow through added services then improving the product.

      What I would like to see – what I’ve waited years for is a simple sales report that you can run for a chosen time period that gives the stock and the sales for the given period. Such a report seems pretty obvious. Instead, the standard report they have with inventory shows sales for a week only.

    • Pat Kirscher
    • Good list and a couple of thoughts to add:
      1) Ability to use the ‘Pay Bills’ screen to pay vendors with a credit card account vs. currently only bank accounts (many small businesses use credit cards to earn points)
      2) Ability to pay sales tax vendor with a credit card account
      3) ability (with item list default) to choose print/not print check box on sales document lines, and thus would not need to ‘trick’ the system by adding items to a non-printing ‘item group’ (desktop version.) because there are times that an item needs to be included on a sales document only for ‘costing’/inventory relief purposes, but not always fto be visible to on the customer printed version
      4) Loan tracker = ability to split & automatically adjust balance sheet for current vs. long-term portion (Hint: Can be done via multiple lines on a bill that mimic journal entry impact)
      5) Sales documents with multiple shipments against a specific sales order = provide the ability to drill-down to item shipments made to date (e.g. item, quantity, date, shipment document number, and so on)


    • R. Foster
    • I’d like to see the account numbers seperated from the line description into their own column when a trial balance is exported to excel. Makes things a lot easier to import into other programs like Caseware if the account number is not part of the account description column.

    • Rondi Skraba
    • Something simple perhaps: I’s like to see the description field wrap to the next line, when viewing extended memos in the General Ledger, instead of going on and on to the right.
      Thanks, Bonnie

    • Zena Greenspan
    • I’d like to see even more improvement for modifying font readability for all bookkeeping and accounting screens, especially at the “preferences” level, rather than per report level.

    • Kris Russell
    • Definitely reports and filtering. There have been so many times when I wanted a report and the filter I needed was not available. It was explained to me that only certain data is built in to be available to certain reports. I would like all data to be available for all reports.

      • bonnie
      • For that situation, I love XpandedReports, a third party add-on that works with QuickBooks data. I have been working with them as a consultant for years and there is much more data (including date paid in full, partially invoiced flag, etc), more filtering options (include, exclude, starts with, etc) and even the ability to add calculated columns to the reports. To find out more, go to http://www.xpandedreports.com

    • Rebecca Neilson
    • I have several things I would like to see. COLORS return to 2013 QB!

      Option to do WIPS reports within QB.

      More customer support operators for QB, merchant services ect. Seems the time to wait on hold to reach someone has dramatically increased over the last 2 years.

      Bring back the manuals that used to come with QB. Tutorials are nice but not complete enough. At the current price of the software we should get a hard copy manual for those things that aren’t covered in detail in the tutorials. Customers shouldn’t have to purchase aftermarket manuals.

    • haley callis
    • Id like to be able to change a check written to a vedor to a bill pay without having to delete the check and reenter it as a bill pay.

      Having a way to track consignment would be a huge advantage for retail consumers

      • Timmerle Kelly
      • I have to agree with Haley’s wish regarding Vendor payments changed to Bill Pay more easily. I’m cleaning up a mess in a client’s set of books regarding just this issue.

    • Connie O.
    • It’s more of a pet peeve than a necessary chenge, but there are nine months in the year with only one digit. I would change it so if I entered 91012 in the transaction date field, it would recognize that I mean 9/10/12. And I agree with Cheryl about the totals.

    • Lucy Koenke
    • 1) I would like to be able to prepare a journal entry that can post to multiple jobs without having to leave the first line of the journal entry blank. The first line is blank to avoid having Quickbooks post the job listed on first line to the remaining entries that are assigned to a different job.
      2) Add WIP reports.
      3) Add a subtotal to an invoice that is underlined.

    • Tim Grant
    • How about adding expiration dates? We have lots numbers now in Advanced Inventory, but Intuit has not developed the field for an expiration date. I’ve had several food and pharmaceutical companies walk away from QBES with AI because it didn’t include expiration dates.

    • Benedict Fejoku
    • I would like to have an “Unearned Revenue” linked account so that I can post the advance payments there when collected instead of using a voucher method, or in the case of an overpayment of a voucher bill, the excess can automatically post to that account as well.

    • Benedict Fejoku
    • I would like to see an “Unearned Revenue” account so that I can record advanced payments there instead of using the voucher method. And in the case of excess receipt on a voucher, that excess should also be reflected in the “Unearned Revenue” account.

      As it is currently, any excess receipt is netted against A/R and this does not provide a good way of tracking unearned revenue.

    • John
    • When creating a new customer record have an auto-fill option. It will copy the CUSTOMER NAME (record name) down in to the FIRST NAME and the LAST NAME fields in the NEW CUSTOMER window.

      There would need to be a user setting for those that use a customer name as “first, last” and another setting for “last-name, first name”.

      I get 12 new customers each week and the above would save much re-entering.


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