Editing Settings in QuickBooks Online

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As more and more people keep adopting QuickBooks Online (QBO) platform over the desktop versions, QuickBooks professionals will find they are increasingly spending more time on QBO. The more you use it, the more important it becomes to figure out the best settings to provide maximum productivity to your work flow.

Settings in QuickBooks Online
There are five groups of settings on QuickBooks Online:

  • Company
  • Sales
  • Expenses
  • Payments
  • Advanced settings

To edit settings in any group you just click on the box, make changes and save those changes.
Let us walk through the different groups one by one.

To edit settings in QuickBooks Online, go to the gear icon and click to get into any of the Settings tabs. 

This screenshot shows you the Advanced settings tab when open.


As you can see, the Advanced tab contains a number of settings you can change, including Accounting, Chart of Accounts, Automation, Time tracking and Miscellaneous settings.

Editing Accounting Settings in QBO
Once you click on the little pencil icon, the Accounting section settings can be changed.

It is under Accounting that you get to set the first month of the accounting year, first month of the tax (fiscal) year and the date of closing books of account.

Changing of accounting closing date and closing of books has been secured with additional levels of protection in QBO. The option to “Allow changes after viewing a warning and entering a password” ensures that it does not occur by mistake.

Even without this additional protection, you can still enter the password and confirm it. The blue Save button saves your Accounting settings.


Chart of Accounts Settings
Chart of Accounts settings allows you to turn on your chart of accounts.

Editing Automation Settings
Automation options in QuickBooks Online will help you improve efficiency by adjusting settings to your ways of working. 

Automation settings on QBO include making choices on whether to switch on or off the following:

  • Pre-fill forms with previously entered content
  • Automatically apply credits
  • Automatically bill or invoice, unbilled activity
  • Copy estimates to invoices
  • Automatically apply bill payments

With each step in the settings edits, you can click on the pencil icons and go on to save the changes. Once you save those changes by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of the page, your QBO settings are saved according to how you wanted them to be.

Similarly you can go on to edit QBO settings in Sales, Expenses and other areas.

Other Advanced Settings in QBO
These include two settings that are not captured anywhere else in the specific settings.

  • Time Tracking Settings allow you to separately add Service field or Customer field to Time Sheets.
  • Miscellaneous settings include warnings where duplicate check number is used.


Questions and Clarifications
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