Editing Preferences In QuickBooks – Introduction


QuickBooks Efficiency Tips and Tricks

The first step towards efficiency in any software is to make it work the way that you work. In this series of blog posts, we identify navigational alternatives to reduce data entry time, determine ways to streamline processes, and help you recognize how preferences and other QuickBooks features can help improve efficiency.

Who Can Benefit From Efficiency Tips & Tricks?

Whether you are a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, accountant, enrolled agent, or bookkeeper, these tips and tricks are going to help you save time and enhance your workflows; and enable you provide more efficient client services.  

The series is a discussion of how you can do things more efficiently and effectively; rather than a comprehensive description of various features in QuickBooks.  Those who work with any software wish there were certain things that could be changed to make life easier; things a bit quicker. These blog posts will tell you what is possible from your QuickBooks wish list and how to get that done. 

QuickBooks Desktop versus QuickBooks Online

How you customize the software depends upon whether you are using one of the Windows desktop versions (Pro, Premier, or Enterprise), or using QuickBooks Online. We will not be addressing QuickBooks for Mac in this series.

In QuickBooks desktop customizing can be done under ‘edit’ and in ‘preferences’. In QuickBooks online the customizing is achieved through ‘settings’, using the gear icon at the top of the screen.

Desktop versions give you a lot more control and offer two types of preferences:

  • My Preferences are specific to the user that is currently logged in to the specific QuickBooks data file.
  • Company Preferences apply to all users for that QuickBooks data file.

The personal preferences enable the user to control how software works and the company preferences allow for the administrator to have a control over higher level settings applying to the company as a whole. Company preferences require logging in as the Admin user.

In contrast, QuickBooks Online offers you just a few settings that you can change; making it not as nearly as robust.

Preferences in QuickBooks Desktop

Altogether you will find there are 20 plus different areas of preferences in QuickBooks. Not everything is relevant for everyone. In these blog posts we will touch on four of the most widely used preferences.

  • General Preferences in My preferences
  • Accounting Preferences under Company Preferences
  • Multiple Currencies under Company Preferences
  • Reports and Graphs under both My and Company Preferences

We will also touch on an aspect of one preference that is only available for QuickBooks Enterprise, Advanced inventory that is part of the Items and Inventory, under Company Preference.

QuickBooks Online: Growing in Popularity

Although QuickBooks Online still is not as feature-rich as the desktop version, people are adopting it rather quickly. And in recognizing this, Intuit has doubled the development staff working on QuickBooks Online compared to what they have on QuickBooks desktop. I don’t think the desktop product is going away anytime soon as it is definitely a more robust product with a large install base. The exception is that Intuit continues to make an investment in the QuickBooks Enterprise product. At the Pro and Premier level, I believe we're going to continue to see the shift in adoption as they continue to add more features to QuickBooks Online.

From an Intuit perspective and even from a client perspective, the term QuickBooks is quickly becoming synonymous with QuickBooks Online. So when working with clients, when a client says "QuickBooks," and starts explaining their problem to you, remember to clarify whether they mean QuickBooks Online, or whether they mean the Pro, Premier or Enterprise versions.

Stay tuned for the next posting in the series: QuickBooks General Preferences

Questions and Clarifications

Feel free to send us your questions and clarifications. Best way to do this is to post a comment under each blog post. That way others who have the same question can also benefit from the discussion.

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