Offences which we are accustomed to regard exclusively as _crimes_ are exclusively treated as _torts_, and not theft only, but assault and violent robbery, are associated by the jurisconsult with trespass, libel and slander.

For more tricky tidal energy tapping, more development is required.It is not by accident that the vast majority of electricity generated is by hydro, coal burning, gas burning, or nuclear. If the law catches up with him and he’s executed, that’s justice. StanleyAll forms of power generation have their place. Do not expect this to happen overnight. Revenge and JusticeAre these two words ever the same thing? Case # 1 You have a daughter that’s been raped, killed and dumped like a piece of trash to be thrown out after being used. (No doubt about guilt here)If you catch up with this guy and kill him, that’s revenge. Both the same good outcome. Historically, between the personal pursuit of “revenge” and the government’s prosecution of “[criminal] justice”, there existed the “[civil] torts”, as described by Sir Henry James Sumner Maine in his seminal book “Ancient Law”. All civilised systems agree in drawing a distinction between offences against the State or Community and offences against the Individual, and the two classes of injuries, thus kept apart, I may here, without pretending that the terms have always been employed consistently in jurisprudence, call Crimes and Wrongs, _crimina_ and _delicta_. There were therefore in the Athenian and in the Roman States laws punishing _sins_. When you consider what your emotional state was, is it fair to put you away for murder? Case # 2 You have a daughter that’s been raped, killed and dumped like a piece of trash to be thrown out after being used. (You know who is guilty, but the law can’t prove it in a court of law) and the perpetrator is found innocent and set free.Now it’s clear justice won’t be done here by the law and if you act it’s revenge against a legally innocent man, for which you could be given the death penalty.All you can do now is hope your lawyer is good at picking jurors that will be able to put themselves in your place and know that justice was done. But I also have a good idea of how I would feel if I was the father in both cases.If the law isn’t good enough to catch and punish the guilty, then temporary insanity until the job is done sounds like a forgone conclusion in a society that demands someone must pay for the crime and just like the law sometimes convicts the innocent, so the father might get it wrong too.I personally think better lie detection is needed. Tidal energy can be tapped if the tidal resource is just right. I’ve seen enough law and order programs to damn near cover every situation that might happen. Related Discussions:Why is human life such a high ideal, instead of human dignity?On ‘The Idea of Justice’, by Dr Amartya Sen.Racial oppression of the whitesIs there a scientific way to get over hurt feelings?Capital PunishmentHumans seem fixed on justiceSirhan Bishara SirhanUK and execution policyThe Death PenaltyDoes anybody else ever feel like ‘science’ is shrouded in secrecy? Originally Posted by Twit of wit Originally Posted by Lance Wenban You know who is guilty How?

It’s only an assumption made for the sake of my question, and I do realize the problem created when people take the law into their own hands. Geothermal ditto. If therefore the criterion of a _delict_, _wrong_, or _tort_ be that the person who suffers it, and not the State, is conceived to be wronged, it may be asserted that in the infancy of jurisprudence the citizen depends for protection against violence or fraud not on the Law of Crime but on the Law of Tort. People’s ideas of revenge differ, so what Person X thinks is fair might seem over the top to Person Y but far from enough for Person Z, and never-ending feuds would probably result. If the Commentaries of Gaius be opened at the place where the writer treats of the penal jurisprudence founded on the Twelve Tables, it will be seen that at the head of the civil wrongs recognised by the Roman law stood _Furtum_ or _Theft_.

If the geothermal resources are appropriate, it can be tapped today. There were also laws punishing _torts_. The person injured proceeds against the wrong-doer by an ordinary civil action, and recovers compensation in the shape of money-damages if he succeeds. All alike gave rise to an Obligation or _vinculum juris_, and were all requited by a payment of money. Is there some nuclear scientists on forum who could explaine if there is such thingpossible as induced beta decay energetics?For example we could take some element such as Potassium-40 or Zinc-70 whichhave very long beta decay time and speed up their decay with help of very strong electrical fields?And they will decay into other stable elements.So no nuclear waste will be created.There is some mentions in internet that such induced decayis possible.There is plenty of Potassium in Earth crust and 1% of it is mildly radioactive Potassium-40.Will we need to use energy to create electric fields or there is some way to create extremely strong static electrc fields? Maybe you are right,but it seems that many alternative power generators are still build only for demonstration purpose, rather then for effectivness.For example,they build NIF (laser fusion) which,as they promise,will have gain of 40.But it takes place of 4 football field and 192 giant lasers.I guess that with such lasers you could scorch the Earth,not only produce few Megajoules of energy at peak power as they said.They are going to use infrared lasers and after that convert signal to ultraviolet.But why not to use just ultraviolet lasers such as argone-fluoride or crypton-fluoride?But even if they need some amplifying,I guessanything could be built with much smaller and compact size.Europians propose to build their own facility based on fast-ignition approach andsmaller in size.But will they realy need to use targets made out of gold?Maybe silver is less expensive?Originaly, ITER construction was scheduled for 2000.But they still didn’t start construction although all money where collected and parts of reactor developed.If wind turbines produce small power,solution maybe is to build them of biger sizeand more of them.I think that current state of engeneering allows building pyramides or cubes 1000 meters tall which could surve as wind concentrators.

To lower the cost of electricity per kilowatt hour from nuclear can be done, and dramatically, by designing for longer life.Nuclear fusion has great potential, but may still be decades away. Not just in set up costs, but also in ongoing maintenance. Kemble (_Anglo-Saxons_, i. 177), “a sum was placed on the life of every free man, according to his rank, and a corresponding sum on every wound that could be inflicted on his person, for nearly every injury that could be done to his civil rights, honour or peace; the sum being aggravated according to adventitious circumstances.” These compositions are evidently regarded as a valuable source of income; highly complex rules regulate the title to them and the responsibility for them; and, as I have already had occasion to state, they often follow a very peculiar line of devolution, if they have not been acquitted at the decease of the person to whom they belong. More development required. But it is also true that non-Christian bodies of archaic law entail penal consequences on certain classes of acts and on certain classes of omissions, as being violations of divine prescriptions and commands. This peculiarity, however, is most strongly brought out in the consolidated Laws of the Germanic tribes. The expression has been used for convenience’ sake, but in fact the inspection of ancient codes shows that the law which they exhibit in unusual quantities is not true criminal law.

Most geothermal resources require more advanced technology than we have right now. As time goes by, and the technology improves, we will get more from wind, geothermal etc. Yet it is not to be supposed that a conception so simple and elementary as that of wrong done to the State was wanting in any primitive society. Offences which we are accustomed to regard exclusively as _crimes_ are exclusively treated as _torts_, and not theft only, but assault and violent robbery, are associated by the jurisconsult with trespass, libel and slander. Of the Teutonic codes it is almost unnecessary to make this assertion, because those codes, in the form in which we have received them, were compiled or recast by Christian legislators.

It must be added that Sins are known to it also. Yet if you kill him then the law will charge you with murder and you can expect many years behind bars. Wind power has its place, and has potential to be much more than it presently is. Technically speaking, “justice” is an ideal to which the practice of “law” strives toward, but realistically, will never attain. At least good enough to be admitted as evidence in court. On the other hand, the government’s prosecution of criminal wrongs provides a consistent, democratic, unemotional and unbiased process (supposedly) regardless of the wealth, fame and position of the defendant and the victim. Nevertheless law must constantly strive towards justice. Persons would seek redress of grievances for crimes against the person in court in the same way that a person today would seek to correct the wrong of defamation, breach of contract, etc. Another problem is that the wind is a very inconstant energy provider, and there are lots of times when it is either too slight or too powerful to run turbines.

The law administered at Athens by the Senate of Areopagus was probably a special religious code, and at Rome, apparently from a very early period, the Pontifical jurisprudence punished adultery, sacrilege and perhaps murder. The conception of offence against God produced the first class of ordinances; the conception of offence against one’s neighbour produced the second; but the idea of offence against the State or aggregate community did not at first produce a true criminal jurisprudence. I have spoken of primitive jurisprudence as giving to _criminal_ law a priority unknown in a later age. Ditto wave energy. So tens of thousands of wind turbines are needed, and this costs a lot of money. It seems rather that the very distinctness with which this conception is realised is the true cause which at first prevents the growth of a criminal law. Nuclear fuel is a relatively minor my essay services
cost. If you have to store energy, then that results in massive waste of energy.With nuclear, the main costs are the costs of actually building the plant, and the later costs of decommissioning it.

So does solar.The problem with wind power is that a single wind power generator actually does not generate much power, compared with hydroelectric, coal, gas, or nuclear. Now the penal law of ancient communities is not the law of Crimes; it is the law of Wrongs, or, to use the English technical word, of Torts. Without an exception, they describe an immense system of money compensations for homicide, and with few exceptions, as large a scheme of compensations for minor injuries. “Under Anglo-Saxon law,” writes Mr. Torts then are copiously enlarged upon in primitive jurisprudence.

Originally Posted by Lance Wenban You know who is guilty How?

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