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Fact Sheet
Founded: October, 1992

Description: McWilliams & Associates Inc. provides goods and services to Accountants and their small business QuickBooks clients for the purpose of improving the success of both. McWilliams & Associates Inc. is dedicated to business growth and profitability through education and support for our national and international clients and customers.

Webinars -- one hour live seminars delivered via the telephone and an internet interface

eReports -- 10-20 page reports on specific QuickBooks and small business issues

QuickBooks Success Tools -- books, consulting, software, live seminars, etc. for improving accuracy and efficiency for QuickBooks users

Small Business Diagnostic Tool-QuickBooks(R) Accounting Software Edition -- proprietary interactive tool for efficient organized analysis of QuickBooks data files

Small Business Diagnostic Tool-Business Management Edition -- proprietary interactive tool for analysis of business management and operational issues

McWilliams & Associates, Inc.
1480 Moraga Road, Suite I, PMB 385
Moraga, CA 94556-2005
Telephone: 925-247-0100
Fax: 925-376-3454
URL: http://www.accountingsoftwaresecrets.com

Ownership: Privately held company

Media Contact:
Bonnie J Nagayama, CPA  President
Key Markets: Accounting Professionals, Bookkeepers, QuickBooks Consultants, and their Small Business Clients who use QuickBooks(R) Accounting Software.
Corporate Overview
About McWilliams & Associates:
McWilliams & Associates, Inc. provides goods and services to Accountants, QuickBooks consultants, and the small businesses they serve for the purpose of improving the success of all. Specific emphasis is placed on QuickBooks® Accounting Software and related small business issues. M&A is dedicated to business growth and profitability through education and support. We do not do tax work, only QuickBooks and related add-ons so there is never a conflict with other accountants.

Helping to Meet the Needs of Our Clients:
All of our products and services provide practical solutions for Accountants as they assist small business clients with financial and day-to-day operational issues. We offer a variety of tools to acheive this goal. By working with other Accountants and Pro Advisors who have the day-to-day relationships with the client, the best, most efficient solution is possible.

Cost-Effective and Simple:
With a broad range of Webinars, eReports, extensive written QuickBooks documentation, proprietary diagnostic tools, and other goods and services offered through an ecommerce web site the solutions are cost effective to purchase and simple to obtain. The eReports, for example are priced well below what a quarter hour of consulting with a trained professional would cost. The cost-effective solutions are all designed to provide the information needed to create immediate change within the business resulting in increased profitability and cash flow while providing easy to obtain information to the Accountant.

Custom Solutions Designed Specifically For Accountants and their Small Business Clients:
McWilliams & Associates, Inc. is based on a value system of integrity, honesty, and professionalism. A "hands on" approach in providing business solutions assures clients of specialized service for specific needs. Just as each individual is unique, so is each business. Taking the time to see and listen to what is working and what is not within the business pro-active suggestions on ways to improve are developed. By creating specific informational tools, the services provided to each business are able to be custom tailored to their specific needs. This extreme flexibility means that there are no two clients for whom the solutions are exactly the same.

President Profile
Bonnie J. Nagayama, CPA Bonnie J. Nagayama, CPA is uniquely qualified to give a well-rounded, solutions approach to the many issues facing small business today. As a CPA with Controller experience, and the President of a rapidly expanding small business herself, she assists the owner balance the many requirements of owning and operating a small business in a cost effective, time-saving manner. Bonnie does not offer any income tax work, but rather focuses on the more day-to-day operational issues that can make a dramatic difference in the cash flow and profitability of the business. Bonnie is a small business consultant, author, and professional speaker on QuickBooks® Accounting Software and Managing Your Business to Greater Heights. She has taken her knowledge, experience, and written documentation and packaged it for the accountant and consultant as two unique and highly effective analysis tools (Small Business Diagnostic Tool - Business Management Edition and Small Business Diagnostic Tool - QuickBooks(R) Accounting Software Edition) and a website that contains more the 2,500 html pages of QuickBooks related content. Annually she speaks and writes materials used by more than 4,500 CPAs on a variety of QuickBooks topics including how to help their clients use it more efficiently to achieve small business success. She is the recipient of the California CPA Education Foundation's 2001 Award for Instructor Excellence.